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About Us



We are based in San Jose, CA, USA and have been operating since 2020.

Stella Lumen Crystals was born on September 2020 right before the start of the Pandemic. What began as a small online shop during a time when customers turned to the internet to shop for goods has now turned into a growing family business. We appear for pop-ups primarily in San Jose, CA. We intend to expand our reach by popping up in neighboring cities and our goal is to one day open a storefront. We sell crystals at retail prices during pop-up events and offer wholesale opportunities strictly online for those who qualify. Whether you are a reiki practitioner, a geology enthusiast, a business owner, or someone on the path to spiritual enlightenment, Stella Lumen welcomes you to expand your crystal experience with us. Thank you for being here.

Yours truly,

Blanca Valdez, Owner

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